DIY Body Scrub with only 2 ingredients (the only body scrub you will ever use)

Use this scrub in the shower for silky smooth skin, or use it before tanning for a perfectly even tan.  Best exfoliator you will ever make, for pennies the cost.

This is my to-go Body scrub recipe.  In my esthetics salon, it is the only scrub I use for pedicures.  I have tried many, but found their consistency either too liquidy or too dry.  Just like Goldilocks, I finally found the right mixture.

This recipe will make enough for about a gazillion jars (a lot of jars, so you can give a few to friends).

One bag of sugar (2 kg)

One Bottle of Body Scrub (choose a color/scent that you love)

Blend the sugar and scrub together.  Use your hands.

  • It will get sticky.
  • It will get messy.
  • Do this in the sink.

When you are done mixing, wash your hands and feel them.

Soft, yes?

I told you so.

You can play with the consistency, but I find the above usually works.

Just like the face scrub, I prefer to keep my jar in the shower.  Easier to wash off.

I have given this scrub to many friends, and they swear by it.  Use it before tanning, and get a perfect even tan.  Dead skin cells be gone.

If you try it, send me a picture and share your comments.

“How bad can it be?”

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