How to make Tasty (not-so) Cat Treats

Some posts are a hit, and others are a miss. Although these cat treats look delicious, my cat did not think so. Read on to hear my story.

Our cat loves to eat. Whenever we are eating, she will come around our feet and stare us down. So, love her as I do, I wanted to make a homemade treat for her. I found a few recipes on line, settled on one, and tweeked it a bit. Here’s the recipe for my Not-so tasty tuna treats.

Not-so Tasty Tuna treats

Ingredients: (makes about 100 treats)

A can of tuna in oil (undrained)

1 cup cornmeal

1 cup flour

½ cup water

½ cup oil

Mix all ingredients together. Roll into ¼ inch pieces.

Bake in the oven for 20 min at 350°

Once they have cooled down, give a few to your cat, and watch her wolf them down.


Or in Tibella’s case, she sniffed, licked, tried, and left them behind.

She ruined my post!!! She let me down!!! Or maybe I let her down?

Seeing that I feed the outdoor cats as well (I always leave a bowl of dried cat food every day for them on the balcony), I put out a bowl of these homemade tuna treats for them. Guess what? They didn’t even eat them!!!

What does that tell me? My treats were not even good enough for the homeless cats. Wow!!!

Maybe I should have added 2 tablespoons of cat nip in the mixture. But wouldn’t that be like cheating?

Back to the drawing board.

Do you have a great homemade cat treat recipe? That your cat actually loves? Throw me a message and let me know.

Tibella will thank you. You can also follow Tibella on Instragram. @tibellathecat

“how bad can it be?” (or in this case – BAD!)

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