Recycled Cardboard Box Scratching Pad

Finished scratching post.jpeg

Need to get your cat or kitty to stop scratching the couch? Recycle a carton box into a scratching pad. Your furniture will thank you. Here’s how.

Get together whatever carton boxes you can find.

Cut strips depending on the height that you would like. Mine is 7 cm. Cut a lot of strips, all identical. Cut enough strips until your fingers start to hurt. Once you feel the pain, you can stop.


Make sure the ridges in the cardboard are horizontal as you are cutting.

Roll and bend your strips at each corrugation, so that the cardboard will be easier to wrap. Wrap your first strip tightly into a circle, and tape it closed. This is the middle.

roll strips.jpeg

Add a second strip at the end of the first one, and wrap around. Get the process? Just keep adding. Add as many as you wish. Depends on how fat plump your cat is. The more you add, the wider the pad.

Working hard.jpeg

For the underneath, I cut a circle out of cardboard, and hot glued it on the bottom.


Once done, you can decorate the outside. I wrapped it with string.

finally finished.jpeg

Now the fun part. Sprinkle it with some cat nip, and wait for the party to start.

Finished scratching post.jpeg

“How bad can it be?”

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