How to transfer Photographs or Pictures onto Candles

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Candles

How cute and easy it is to transfer your favorite photographs or pictures onto a candle. I’ll show you how.

Start by taping some tissue paper onto plain white paper. It took me a few tries, as some sites ask that you overlap the tissue paper over the plain paper, but I found it much easier and less crinkly if you cut the tissue paper slightly smaller than the size of the plain paper, and then tape the tissue onto the plain paper. Remember, as you are taping, gently smooth the tissue paper with your hands before taping to make sure you have no creases, as the creases will show up in your print.

Tissue paper

You can use any standard home printer to print your pictures (remember to turn properties to color if printing in color).

Once printed, remove the tissue paper from the plain paper by cutting with a scissor around it. You can cut and crop your picture to the size you want.

printed pix on tissue

I chose scented pillar candles from the Dollar Store. White colored candles are best, as if you choose any patterned candles, it will show through the picture.

Place the printed tissue paper onto the candle, and wrap it with wax paper all around. You can hold onto the wax paper from the back of the candle, or put some elastics to hold in place.

wax paper on tissue

Use a blowdryer to start the transfer. You will notice once the picture starts transferring. Once the picture is fully transferred onto the candle, remove the wax paper and enjoy your work of art. If not fully transferred, place the wax paper back and continue heating the candle.

blowdryer on wax paper

I gave these candles to my son, who LOVES the Kardashians. I just won at motherhood.


Kylie Jenner and Stormi Candles

Super cheap and easy DIY project to decorate any area, for a teacher’s gift, mother’s day, anyone really.

diywithParesa Candle

“How bad can it be?”

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