Spray Paint Can Frenzy

If you are like everyone else, you likely have a few spray paint cans lying around.

Spray painting is so easy, and quick to dry.

You can visit your local Dollar Store or go to a Yard Sale, and turn junk into master pieces.

Once upon a time, we used to have a beta fish called Krab Nicholson.  He lived in a 5$ glass bowl we picked up from Wal-Mart (because it was cheaper than an actula fish bowl).

Naturally, Krab Nicholson went to Fish Heaven, we recycled that bowl for all kinds (reduce, reuse, recycle). At Christmas, it held ornaments. At Halloween, we had chocolate in it.  Valentines day… you guessed it, candy hearts.

When we moved to our house, I decided it needed an update. The previous owners left behind some cans of spray paint.  And of course, I went spray paint crazy.  I painted whatever I could find.

Krab Nicholson’s bowl was first.  I used the leftovers of 2 cans for this.  A gold can and a silver can.  The color came out unique and amazing.

fish bowl

Next, I needed a centerpiece for my glass table in my living room.  It had to match the dark pewter legs.  I settled on a white Ikea petal bowl that I found at the “As Is” section for a fraction of the price.  Naturally, I had the perfect color in a can.  It came out beautifully.  An exact match to the table’s legs.

Ikea Petal Bowl

Now, I was on a roll.  I painted a glass candle holder also left behind by the previous owners.  I gave it a new life.  Gold it is.  AND a small glass bowl from Dollarama.  Now it is a key holder.  I never have to look for my keys anymore.  This is my little gold corner.

Key holder and candlestick

Word of advise, use your garage when painting, and use a cardboard box.  Or if you are in a warm area, away from all this snow, paint outside.

So if you have cans of spray paint lying around, go crazy.

“How bad can it be?”


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