How to Create BlackOut Curtains for under 40$

BlackOut Curtains

The dealbreaker in purchasing my home last spring, was the amount of sunlight that we get in our living room. We love natural light, and it loves us.

One of my favorites past times, is lying on my couch with my Walking Dead throw, and bingewatching Netflix. If you are ever in the neighbourhood, drop by for a coffee and some tv viewing.

I have, unfortunately, noticed that when it is too sunny, the sunlight cast on the tv, makes it unbearable. What’s a mom to do?

So I thought long and hard (actually not too long and not too hard), and I said to myself, what if I line the curtain panels with Twin bed sheets? How back can it be? I can easily find flat bed sheets for under 10$ each. Much cheaper than purchasing actual blackout curtains.

I found the Twin size bed sheets at Giant Tiger, and they were 8$ a sheet. I bought 4 sheets, since I have 4 Gray Curtain panels. I never used to shop at Giant Tiger, but since I moved last June in this area, there is a Giant Tiger near my home. I love it. It’s like a mini Walmart.

BlackOut Curtains

So, here goes. This is what my curtains looked like with all the sunlight coming in.

BlackOut Curtains

I purchased these curtains last June at Jysk, in Laval. You can find deals and original items there. 4 Gray panels, and 2 sheer white ones. Love ’em.

BlackOut Curtains

The Twin sheets are slightly longer than the length of my curtain, so I shortened. I’m not a professional seamstress, but little jobs like this are easy. I just turned them over, and the fold will be facing the curtain, so that we don’t see the fold when we are sitting outside on the patio (can’t wait for Spring, this Winter is bloody long).

BlackOut Curtains

Once all Twin sheets were shortened, I lined up the sheet to the back of the curtain, and just sewed the sheet all the way to the end. One long stitch. Easy Peasy.

BlackOut Curtains

The sheet is also slightly wider than the curtain, so I made a few folds as I went along. I did not put any pins, or took any measurements. I just checked the length as I went along. As my moto, how bad can it turn out?

BlackOut Curtains

When I finished one curtain, I put it up to see how good it kept the sunlight out. Look at the difference. The curtain on the end is lined with the Twin sheet, and the other curtain is not lined. Wow. Even I was impressed.

And here is is the finished product. All curtains are lined. If I want more light, I just open up the curtains.

This project cost me 37$ (actually it cost me 8$ more as one of the sheets I purchased, was a fitted sheet). So make sure you buy FLAT sheets.


BlackOut Curtains

“How bad can it be?”

2 thoughts on “How to Create BlackOut Curtains for under 40$

  1. Hello,

    I am not a crafty kind of person but this is a great idea. I was about to purchase new curtains due to the fact that I was getting too much sunlight glare on my tv screen. I guess I will purchase flat bed sheets at a cheaper cost and do the same! Thanks!


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